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We are an international reproductive agency - Vera, help couples become parents. We have hundreds of happy families, now raising their baby. Vera agency works with all CIS countries, Asian and European countries.


Effective and reliable programme

We guarantee safety and result. Each Egg donor went through a thorough medical examination.


Large Egg donors database

If client needs a delivery, we can freeze eggs and it can be delivered to the required country.


Safe storage of data

We stand for security for our clients and donors. We guarantee personal information security.


Egg delivery

If the customer needs delivery, we can freeze the eggs and deliver to the country of appeal.

What we do?

Vera is a reproductive medicine agency, which helps people make their dream come true - birth of a long-awaited child.

We have our offices in China, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia.


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How it works?



Contact us and get access to the Egg donors database.

More than 800 candidates from 4 different countries.



Selected Egg donor have to be examined by a fertility doctor, screening and testing.

The next step is sighing of the provision of services agreement.


Stimulation and Egg Retrieval

From the 2-4 days of starting menstruation , donor takes drugs for the follicles growth which are prescribed by a fertility doctor.

Doctor will collect donor’s eggs on the 12-14 day from stimulation date starting.

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What compensation donor receives under the terms of the programme?

All participants who have been medically examined and admitted to the programme “ Egg Donation” receive a cash

5 misconceptions about Egg Donation

No, according to most literary materials and our own experience among our many donors – egg donation does not reduce a woman ‘s ability to become pregnant on her own.

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