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О компании

We help people to build their family.

Our mission is to help families who have problems with making a baby. By egg donation technology , we help people who have no way to build a family.


Our values


Happiness of our clients We devote ourselves to each couple, to make their dream come true- birth of long-awaited baby. We believe, that we can bring happiness to couples, who unfortunately have no way to make baby by their own

There are always trust and understanding in our agency and the same atmosphere we create on all phases of programme. Understanding and trust is the best atmosphere for the birth of healthy baby.

Our staff taking a great responsibility for their work, they are on call 24 hours a day and they always ready for unexpected situations. We are always planning a participation of prospective parents in the programme in advance, at least for two weeks . All phases are organized in a such way that perspective parents can started their surrogacy process in a short time

Our results


More than 800 donors in our database


More than 650 successful programmes


Gave a birth to more than 650 children


Already more than 5 years on the market

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